Captive of Outlaws by Jade R. Evans

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Captive of Outlaws (Shifters of Sherwood #1) by Jade R. Evans

What if Robin Hood and his outlaws were powerful shifters…and Maid Marian didn’t have to choose just one?
No one in Sherwood wanted me. Until they did.

My life was perfectly on track until the night my parents died. A car crash ripped them away from me, and flung me into the grips of my greedy foster father John. Now I’m fixing cars for minimum wage and trying to lay low until my 21st birthday, when my inheritance—and freedom—will finally be mine.

Then I discover the ugly truth: John’s conspiring with Sherwood County’s corrupt sheriff to lock me down in a conservatorship and steal what’s rightfully mine. The good ol’ boys network won’t blink an eye, and if I stick around, I’ll be trapped for life.
So I run, to the one place I was always told never, ever to trespass: Sherwood Forest.
And that’s where they find me.

The wealthy city boy with the acid wit. The absentminded scholar with a heart of gold. The brooding fighter with the overprotective side. And their fearless leader too charming for his own good.
They’re the outlaws I was warned about. And they’re not too happy to find me trespassing on their land. They promise not to hurt me—but only because they want some kind of ransom.

But the longer they hold me captive, the more I start to…like it. They give me everything I could ever need—food, clothes, a whole garage of classic cars to fix up. They’re clever, talented, and easy on the eyes—not the hardened thugs I’d expected.
I know I shouldn’t let myself get tempted by one of them, let alone all four. Sure, they’re thicker than thieves and closer than brothers, but no group of guys really shares everything.
I may be falling for them, but they’ve got secrets that will explode everything I think I know—about the world, about Sherwood, even about myself. And if I’m not safe with them, I’m not safe anywhere…because John’s made it clear I’m worth more dead than alive.
Nothing I thought I knew is true. But one thing is clear: deep in Sherwood Forest, the law of the land no longer applies. And now this former good girl wants to break the rules—badly.
Almost as much as I want all four of them.

Captive of Outlaws – Jade R. Evans

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