Captive in Retribution Bay by Claire Boston

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Captive in Retribution Bay (Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay #8) by Claire Boston

She’s grappling with the betrayal of someone she once trusted. He’s battling with conflicting loyalties. One choice could change both their fates forever.

In the remote coastal town of Retribution Bay, secrets lurk beneath the surface, threatening to unravel the fragile peace. Senior Constable Nhiari Roe finds herself in the clutches of Lee Slater. Once lovers, now adversaries, their lives collide in a dangerous dance around the notorious crime syndicate, Stonefish.
With time running out and danger closing in, Nhiari and Lee embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth. But as they navigate the murky waters of deceit and betrayal, they realise that the line between ally and enemy is blurred, and trust may be the only thing that can save them.

In this gripping small-town romantic suspense novel, love and danger collide as Nhiari and Lee fight to survive against all odds, determined to bring down the darkness threatening to consume their world.

Captive in Retribution Bay is the thrilling finale to the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series.

Captive in Retribution Bay – Claire Boston

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