Caper Crush by Kathy Strobos

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Caper Crush (New York Friendship #3) by Kathy Strobos

A feel-good, opposites-attract, slow-burn romantic comedy

After ten years of waitressing and my parents telling me to find a real job, I finally have a chance to break out as an artist–my artwork is selected for the career-defining Vertex Art Show.
But then my painting is stolen.
It’s not the only art stolen, and William is determined to find his uncle’s painting.
I have mere weeks to find it or lose my artist dream forever—but it’s going to mean working with William.
William Matsumura. Good-looking, if you like the Secret Service type. You know, law-abiding, protector of women and children. That’s all fine, but I can never tell what he’s thinking. Which drives me crazy.
He insists on coming along to do “damage control.” As if “accidentally” wandering into certain “off-limit” areas is “breaking and entering.”

Detecting with William is kind of fun—and fluttery. But if there’s one takeaway from my parents’ divorce, it’s that opposites might attract, but don’t last. I can’t trust these feelings, or can I?

Caper Crush – Kathy Strobos

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