Caped and Fabulous by Isabel Jordan

Caped and Fabulous (Grumpy Superheroes #2) by Isabel Jordan – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Superheroes with benefits is a thing, right?
Bryn Terrell hasn’t had a truly great day since supervillains popped up in her city.What she needs is a partner. Someone with powers complementary to her own who won’t trigger her imposter syndrome. Someone like…Declan Rhoades.Sure, he’s grumpy. Rudely sexy. And he has zero interest in helping her fight crime. But he owes her one—in a big way. It was a perfect plan.Until a snowstorm stranded her at his Fortress of Grumpitude and everything changed.Now, she’s stuck sharing a cabin—and only one bed!—with a genetically engineered, antisocial lumberjack whose only friends are a three-legged wolf and a surly beaver. (No, those aren’t euphemisms for anything.)She knows she’ll eventually have to get back to her job, with or without him.
But the real question is…whatever will they do to pass the time while they wait out the storm?

Caped and Fabulous – Isabel Jordan ePUB

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