Caffeine & Chaos by Reece Coates [ePub]

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Caffeine & Chaos by Reece Coates

Nadia is gorgeous, and she knows it. According to her “marriage is a business contract” mother, she is supposed to use her good looks to land herself a rich man. The way Nadia sees it: romance is dead, it’s the age of hooking up, and she’s got game. Why not have a little fun before she dies?

In the glittering world of Miami’s nightlife, Nadia thrives on casual sexual encounters and carefree independence. But when enigmatic mogul Ryan McKellen enters her life, her carefully constructed walls begin to crumble. Unable to resist, Nadia finds herself spellbound by Ryan’s magnetic pull, torn between his compelling allure and his seemingly conflicting demands.
As their fiery romance intensifies, Nadia is forced to confront her deepest fears, only to find herself ensnared in a dangerous game of obsession and betrayal. Can she navigate the treacherous waters of love and lust, or will her past catch up with her, threatening to destroy everything she holds dear?

Caffeine & Chaos – Reece Coates

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