Burning the Midnight Oil by Ashley James [ePub]

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Burning the Midnight Oil (Copper Lake #3) by Ashley James

Rule number one: Don’t fall for my brother in law.
It should be easy, right?
When I moved in with my sister over summer break, I had no intention of returning to college in the fall. A work trip for her meant a lot of time alone for me with her husband. Boone Stanton. World famous bull rider and way, way off limits.
A few late night deep conversations between the two of us, only the midnight sky our witness, and suddenly, I can’t look away. Can’t keep my mind off of him.
It’s in the way he works around the yard, sweaty and shirtless. The way his eyes soften and he leans into his playful side around his daughter. And it’s in the way he makes me feel seen. The way he’s slowly chipping away at my exterior without even realizing it.
Then one night I see something I shouldn’t. Something that makes my mouth water and my heart race. Except when he catches me, instead of stopping and reprimanding me, he… keeps going.
Now, I have the opportunity of a lifetime but it means going on the road with him. It means living in even closer quarters than before. It also means doubling down on keeping my hands to myself and my gaze away from his dark, observing eyes.
But I’m only human, and it’s only a matter of time before I crack. Before I give in and do something I can’t take back.
Something that could cost me everything.

Burning the Midnight Oil – Ashley James

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