Buck by Zoe Dawson

Buck (SEAL Team Alpha #21) by Zoe Dawson – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Shortly after a very rough mission in Costa Rica, where Sam “Buck” Buckard meets the intriguing and beautiful Maritza Navarro, and later is intimate with her, he’s tagged by the CIA. They’re convinced the Navarro’s coffee plantation is one of the stopgaps in the transportation of drugs from Colombia and Mexico. They recruit him and the team to head back to Costa Rica where Buck will cultivate a relationship with Martiza to get the intel they need to find the people responsible for aiding the cartels. They will assist the DEA, while giving protection to the family. Torn between his duty and his attraction to Maritza, she and her family saved their lives, Buck has to pull up on the reins, but still get close to Maritza. He’s there to do a job, keep the Navarro family safe, while ferreting out the traitor and dismantling the threat against the family. But Buck finds it difficult to deceive this coffee princess, the passion they had experienced keeps getting in the way.

Maritza was born and raised in two countries, the United States and Costa Rica. Her mother is a wealthy American philanthropist, tied to a powerful political family, and her dad is the owner of one of the oldest coffee plantations in the country. After spending most of her adult life dedicated to her family and the business, she finds it so easy to fall for Buck’s cowboy charm and his warrior attitude. But when she’s business, she’s all business, and keeping her family safe and her family business intact is more important than anything. Except she can’t forget that night with him and the longer he’s close to her the more the pressure builds, and that one-night stand turns into something more when he returns to the plantation. He’s so down to earth, so real compared to the men she’s encountered, unaware that Buck is keeping secrets affecting her whole world. But when life and death is on the line, all that matters is survival.

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