Bryce by Ashley Willow

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Bryce by Ashley Willow

They say everything happens for a reason… but anyone who has ever found themselves in a bad situation through no fault of their own, knows that’s just something people say.
Samantha is married to one of New York City’s bravest. She works part time in a bookshop so she can pursue a career on Broadway. That’s what she tells herself, anyway. In reality, she has found herself in a miserable marriage and no one realizes how bad things are—not even Samantha. Having a part-time job is what allows her to follow her dreams, as well as the thing that keeps her trapped where she is.
When tragedy strikes, she comes face to face with the one person who truly sees her. The one person who knows what she’s been through without her having to explain. The one person she never knew existed.

Bryce does okay for himself. He is a general contractor and has more than enough work to keep busy. He has friends who have become his family. He has a comfortable home. At this point in his life, he’s accepted that things will likely remain the way they are. He has no difficulty meeting women, but hookups just aren’t his scene. He’s comfortable with the way his life is.
When he meets Samantha, he is hit with all sorts of feelings that he doesn’t have any business having. A connection so strong he can’t stay away no matter how hard he tries, or how sure he is that staying away is the right thing to do.

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