Brute & Bossy by Mia Mara

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Brute & Bossy (Boulder Billionaires #2) by Mia Mara

Having a baby with my new boss? That certainly wasn’t in the job description when I agreed to be his pretend girlfriend.
Make a good first impression, they say, especially when you’re desperate for work.
How about when you walk into the interview for executive assistant at the Colchester Mountain Resort and you come face to face with the ridiculously gorgeous, infuriating brute you just accidentally knocked over on the slopes?
I should have walked out the second he called me a “blunder bunny.”
I shouldn’t have stared at his muscles underneath his impeccable suit.
And I should definitely have run the moment he made me almost beg for the job.
But when you have a mother with Alzheimer’s and unpayable medical bills, you’ll do your best not to hurl insults back at the one person who can help.

This broody billionaire needs someone to manage more than just his full calendar of ski bunnies.
He needs a different type of woman to clean up his playboy reputation for the investors.
Someone like… me.

In public, we’re convincing everyone we’re madly in love.
In private, he’s determined to melt away my ice princess facade with every touch.
And with each hot night together, it seems I’m chipping away at his damaged, frozen heart.
But then a positive pregnancy test turns our fake relationship into a very real dilemma.
I might be falling for the very man I vowed to resist.
And I can’t keep this baby bump a secret forever…

Brute & Bossy – Mia Mara

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