Brutal Hunters #1-3 by Faye Pierce

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Brutal Hunters #1-3 by Faye Pierce

THREE ruthless men whose allure is as dangerous as it is undeniable.
THREE women who will defy them.
THREE scorching tales of love, lust, and redemption.
Surrender to the Brutal Hunters.

Nikolai Volkovich is a violent psychopath. And because of my father, I’m his new prey.
I fight against him… but the more I try, the harder it gets to resist him. He might be the devil himself, but the things he does to my body feel like heaven.

Helena, the seductress. Helena, the spy. Helena, the murderer. Then, I became Sofia, the music teacher.
But Daniel Colombo found me on my first day in this new life. He’s the most brutal angel, and he was sent to kill me. He gets so close I feel him twist his hands around my throat. All I can do now is beg.
Because in the end, he’s my hunter, and I’m his kill.

Alek Ivankov is a ruthless murderous monster. That’s what my husband says about his prisoner.
But every time I sneak into Alek’s cell to take care of his wounds, I uncover more and more of my husband’s lies. The truth is lethal, and Alek is the only one who can save me.
If my husband doesn’t kill me first.

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Brutal Hunters #1-3 – Faye Pierce

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