Bruiser’s Reckoning by E.C. Land

Bruiser’s Reckoning (Devil’s Riot MC: Southeast #7) by E.C. Land – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A reckoning is coming, whose it is, no one knows.
BruiserThe moment I heard her name she was to be a pawn in this game. Never did I think she would be my reckoning. She was supposed to be nothing more than a tool, but I’m not so sure anymore.Danger surrounds the club. We’re in the midst of a silent war. One that we need to take in our own hands. The enemy is laying in wait, waiting to strike us where it will hurt. That’s where she comes in. Or should have.Either way, pawn or not, she’s not going anywhere. She insured that the first time she opened her eyes and spoke those words. I’m not letting her get away not without bring a reckoning of my own.

Bruiser’s Reckoning – E.C. Land ePUB

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