Bring Me Sunshine by Alex Brown [ePub]

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Bring Me Sunshine by Alex Brown

BRAND NEW from bestselling author Alex Brown

Mamma Mia meets Shirley Valentine in the brand-new holiday romance for 2024 from the International No.1 bestseller.
Gina Bennett has had enough after her husband of twenty-seven years lets her down one time too many. Deciding to choose herself, she embarks on a transformative solo journey to break free from the monotony of her life.
She escapes to the gorgeous Greek island of Kalosiros, where she holidayed in her youth, and where she had her first romance with the handsome Nico. Encountering two kindred spirits in Rosie and Deedee, the women bond over art classes and cocktails, renewing their lust for life and a shared quest to find Gina’s lost love.
Together, they navigate the challenges of middle-age, self-discovery, and the liberating power of skinny-dipping. Will Gina find love again with her teenage sweetheart Nico, her husband, or with someone new?

Bring Me Sunshine – Alex Brown

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