Bright Soul by Ella Hendricks

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Bright Soul (Moongrove Academy: Wicked Spells #3) by Ella Hendricks

We’re trapped with a starving, insane monster.

An emergency measure ensures that no one can enter or leave the pocket dimension that holds Cerris City. Everyone I love and care about is stuck in the city with me.
The time has come to fulfill my friend’s last visions of me at full power, helped by three men who adore me, else we will never be able to escape.

But Phaeron is in the monster’s grasp, forced to watch its atrocities as a punishment for escaping its clutches centuries ago. It’s all over for us if it manages to twist him into one of its servants.

Geo, Ben, and I must save him, but first we have to keep ourselves alive in a city consumed by anarchy, with streets flooded with unnatural creatures and innocent supernaturals desperate to survive.
Unless we can regroup and defeat this newly summoned evil, we’re doomed to be consumed by it instead.

Bright Soul – Ella Hendricks

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