Bride of the Fae Prince by Anastasis Blythe

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Bride of the Fae Prince (Brides of the Fae) by Anastasis Blythe

A shy, dutiful human princess. A cunning, vengeful Fae prince.

Will their arranged marriage cost them their hearts . . . or their lives?
Princess Isabelle Louise was raised for one thing: to secure a marriage alliance for the good of her people. All her hopes for a kind husband are dashed when the dark and dangerous Prince of the Fae comes seeking a human princess for his bride.
Suddenly married and thrust into a world of vicious magic and lethal bargains, Isabelle discovers too late the secret her bridegroom concealed from her: that she is the key to his plan to usurp the throne.
And now she is the object of the High King’s wrath.
Is any chance at trust and affection gone before their marriage has even begun? Or will she even survive her first night as the bride of the Fae Prince?

Bride of the Fae Prince – Anastasis Blythe

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