Breakaway by Anastasija White

Breakaway (Sinners on the Ice #3) by Anastasija White – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He needed a distraction from his nightmares…she gave him everything.When she agreed to go to the club with her friends, the last thing NEVAEH LAWRENCE expected was to meet ROMAN PASHKEVICH, an NHL player with deep turquoise eyes she can’t forget.A year later, Nevaeh’s struggling to make sense of her life and a relationship that has her questioning what she wants for her future. The ring she finds makes old memories reappear and pushes her to break up with her boyfriend.Roman has everything he wants—or so it seems. In reality, his days are filled with guilt and grief, and his nights are full of nightmares that remind him of the loss of his brother.Unexpected events lead to Nevaeh and Roman going to Vegas together. After getting drunkenly married, Nevaeh’s attraction for her accidental husband grows, but unlike her, he’s unwilling to start a romantic relationship because of the demons of his past.Will Nevaeh be able to convince Roman to give their marriage a real chance, or will she have her heart shattered because the man she loves doesn’t love her back?

Breakaway – Anastasija White ePUB

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