Brady’s Hope: The Rockies by Ciana Stone [ePub]

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Brady’s Hope: The Rockies (Cotton Creek #24) by Ciana Stone

Hope Evans wasn’t living the life she dreamed of, but she’d been granted a wish so wouldn’t complain about being a single mom who lived in an apartment above her mother’s stitchery shop in Cotton Creek. Her son, Andy, was healthy and happy, and that was the most important thing to her. Sure, she’d love to find a good man who would love her and Andy, but she’d lived in Cotton Creek her entire life and hadn’t found one yet – including Andy’s biological father.
She expected life would continue in the pattern established, but life can throw surprises your way, and the surprise she was delivered was a doozy. Luck has her and her son headed for Wyoming.
There was no way she could have known that this was the start of a new chapter and bring her face-to-face with a man who turns her thoughts to wishes she didn’t date give voice. Brady Blackstone.
She tells herself to stop thinking about him. He’s out of her league, so just enjoy watching him from afar. Only, Brady isn’t keen on that and soon she finds herself falling for a man she’s sure she can’t have.

Can she?

Brady’s Hope: The Rockies – Ciana Stone

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