Bossy Proposal by Morgan Jacobs

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My billionaire bosshole ruined my parents’ life, and now he’s my fake husband!Maxwell Sterling fired my dad after buying the company he worked for.So when I discovered he’s the hot mystery man I kissed at the masquerade…I instantly died of guilt.Now he’s offering me $15 million for a fake marriage to help him win custody over his adorable daughter Emily.Given our family’s money problems, how can I say no?Before I know it I’m on a private jet to his breathtaking villa for our fake wedding.

Making love while the sun melts into a brilliant orange pool has me wishing this was real.When his ex discovers our ruse, she leaks it, forcing him to step down as CEO.But my heart is now his, and I’m standing by him no matter what.

Bossy Proposal – Morgan Jacobs ePUB

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