Borden 3 by R.J. Lewis

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Known as the King of New Raven, Marcus Borden’s reign isn’t without the constant bloodshed of his enemies. He can’t stop—he doesn’t know how to, not when he has a wife and child to protect. After the death of Terry Mulligan, Borden is determined to eradicate all threats, sometimes before they even begin to exist.Emma Borden still relives her moments buried in the ground. Her nightmares are returning with a vengeance, but it’s not the feeling of being trapped that’s haunting her: it’s the pain of the past she relived while being confined inside the coffin.But the past no longer continues to exist in her nightmares. Instead, it walks through the door and makes its presence known. This is a danger she knows all too well. A danger that cannot be defeated, no matter how hard Borden tries.
Sometimes the past doesn’t die…Sometimes the ones you love must die to silence it…

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