Bones by E.R. Hendricks

Bones (Ruthless Heathens #5) by E.R. Hendricks – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He found me when I was at my lowest.My mind as warped as my body.Torn to bits by a past that wouldn’t allow me to escape.Conditioned to follow the rules of my master.There is no escaping my dark past, or at least that’s what I thought… until he showed me the light.
I’d never witnessed hurt until I looked into her pale green eyes, the all-encompassing emptiness that bathes your soul in a wash of darkness. A cold so deep you can’t escape.It drowns you so thoroughly that you don’t even know you want out.It isn’t until I feel her love that I realize the true vastness of the void I was in before her.

Bones – E.R. Hendricks ePUB

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