Blood on the Taiga by E Anders [ePub]

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Blood on the Taiga (The Earthen Calamities: Nizhny #1) by E Anders

When every fantasy story comes to life and magic is real, can a man descended from darkness discover humanity is more than skin deep?

Gunnar knows only loneliness. Imprisoned for his vileblood heritage despite saving a mortal child, the unfortunate monster has spent the last ten years in solitary confinement. So when the girl he rescued returns as an adult lawyer and secures his release, the lifelong loner plans to go his own way… until his benefactor’s apartment is destroyed in hellfire.
Certain the attack was retaliation for his freedom, Gunnar flees with her to a frontier town of similarly outcast mythological creatures. But as his loyal companion begins to speak of love, he’s convinced his evil ancestry will ruin everything they’ve built.
Unable to understand his emotions and battling a vindictive foe, can this brooding antihero embrace a future he could never have imagined?

BLOOD ON THE TAIGA is the riveting first book in The Earthen Calamities fantasy series. If you like dangerous demihumans, gritty world-building, and finding light in the darkness, you’ll adore E. Anders’s tale of redemption.

Blood on the Taiga – E Anders

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