Blood Lust by Ashlee Ryan

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Blood Lust (Bloodletting #1) by Ashlee Ryan

Wren just wanted to fix her failing relationship, not wind up undead deep in the Catskill Mountains. Waking with no memory and an insatiable thirst for blood, she relies on Oz, her attractive and mysterious maker, to guide her through the unknown world.

One huge problem? There’s a voice in her head telling her to kill and maim everyone she can sink her teeth into. With death and destruction all around her, Wren fights to control her alter ego and hopes that getting her memory back is the key to saving her humanity.

Oz’s heart breaks as he watches her struggle, and he does everything in his power to help her control her new urges. It would be so much easier if he could tell her about the bond they share, how she’s his fated mate. But deep running chivalry forces him to keep it secret from her while they piece together her mind.

That’s not the only secret he harbors. There is a dark chapter in his past, filled with blood, death, and a surrogate brother. Emerson, who reaps chaos wherever he goes, is back, and this time he has his sights set on Oz.

Blood Lust – Ashlee Ryan

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