Blood, Lies, and Vampwriters by Ash Rivera

Blood, Lies, and Vampwriters (Vampwriter #1) by Ash Rivera – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Abigail Braden is the world-famous author of the Sanguinem Chronicles and she has a secret.
The main character of her novel is real and he’s actually a vampire. After a chance meeting on a backroad one night, she finds herself stuck with Charlemagne DiBaptiste, a five-hundred year old vampire and utter brat. While trying to write their second book, Abigail has started to notice a shift in her friendship with Charlemagne, a bloom of something new and dangerous. She knows Charlemagne has a reputation for breaking hearts and she’s always been worried hers might end up one of them, but she can’t seem to resist their growing attraction.
With her heart in her hands, she gives in to Charlemagne’s seduction and their world is turned upside down. Girls are being murdered. Girls who look strikingly like Abigail. Something with fangs is hunting in Bonne Chance. Is it coincidence, or has the Vampwriter royally pissed someone off?

Blood, Lies, and Vampwriters – Ash Rivera ePUB

Download Blood, Lies, and Vampwriters by Ash Rivera

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