Blaze by Lili Zander

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Blaze (Bounty Hunters of Karven #1) by Lili Zander

Fake dating my hot alien roommate? Yes please.
When Fodor Throop, the man who murdered my mentor, becomes my new boss, and I discover that I’m going to be stuck with him on a weeklong work trip, I’m goaded into doing something very stupid.

I pretend that my Karven podmate Calder is my boyfriend, and even worse, I tell Throop that he’s is a deadly, dangerous bodyguard.
Dumb. So dumb. Yes, it’s true that the Karven are powerful, lethal warriors, feared all over the galaxy, but not Calder.
Calder is a great guy. He’s nice. Clean. Picks up after himself. Cooks for me.
But lethal? Judging from his wounds, my hapless podmate is the target of every bully on Harte.
Now Calder and I on our trip…
He’s pretending to be my boyfriend…
We’re sharing a room where there’s only one bed…
We’re practicing kissing…
Making everyone believe we’re crazy about each other…
And even though it’s fake, it’s all starting to feel very, very real.
Then I see Calder fight, and realize out that everything I knew about my Karven podmate was a lie.

Blaze – Lili Zander

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