Birds of a Feather by Rhianna King

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Beth doesn’t feel like she belongs in her rambunctious, bohemian family. Apart from the special relationship she shares with her grandma, Elise. When Beth wins the lottery (on a ticket she bought to prove she could be spontaneous), she decides to spend it on treating Elise.But instead of anything material, Elise wants Beth to help her track down her first love, Gerry. It’s a fun and uncomplicated little adventure, Beth thinks, until she discovers that her grandma’s great love is actually a woman, and their romance was thwarted by the conservatism of the day. Grappling with her grandma’s past spurs Beth to reconsider herself in the present.Birds of a Feather is a funny, poignant and utterly charming debut novel about questioning who you are and what you might become.

Birds of a Feather – Rhianna King ePUB

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