Billion Dollar Mistake by Sharon Woods

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Billion Dollar Mistake (The Lincolns #1) by Sharon Woods

One fateful night, I get a text message that’s meant for my boss. The sender? Jeremy Lincoln, a doctor turned billionaire.

Our unexpected exchange quickly turns into a friendship, and then it starts to become something more the moment he accidentally sends me a picture of himself.

He’s undeniably attractive, but it’s not just his chiseled jaw, and mysterious dark eyes that draw me in. It’s the moment he confides in me, sharing a personal secret, that makes it impossible not to connect on a deeper level.
What could a handsome, powerful, wealthy man possibly see in me? I’m just a 9-5 accountant.
But when we finally meet in person, the connection that has blossomed through our messages burst into a passionate inferno in the real world.
However, there’s a downfall to this charismatic billionaire–his relentless devotion to work nearly cost us everything, including our lives.

Billion Dollar Mistake – Sharon Woods

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