Bi-Partisan by Dallas Smith [ePub]

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Bi-Partisan (District Love #1) by Dallas Smith

Who says politics and (fake) dating don’t mix?

Congressman Jamie Montgomery knows that re-election will be tough as a young, single man representing a newly redrawn district in North Carolina.
And that’s without him coming out as bisexual.
But when he sees Adrian across a bar, Jamie forgets about the political need for discretion.
It’s supposed to just be one night, but after being publicly outed, fake dating the gorgeous veterinarian may be the only thing that can save Jamie’s campaign.
The more time they spend together, the more they want with each other. But after a childhood as a military brat, big-hearted but anxious Adrian is used to keeping everyone at a distance, finding it easier to connect with animals than people.

As November approaches, Jamie’s re-election is anything but certain. And even if he wins, can introverted Adrian be happy as a politician’s boyfriend?

Bi-Partisan – Dallas Smith

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