Beyond The Break by Tanisha Headley

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Beyond The Break (Saltwater Springs #1) by Tanisha Headley

He’s a pro surfer who lives by one rule – No Distractions. She’s his teams new Social Media Manager, set on breaking through his grumpy exterior and the very rule he holds dear.

In the sunny small town of Saltwater Springs, Griffin “Fin” Jones is battling more than just the waves. Returning from a career-threatening injury, he’s not only healing his body but also guarding a wounded heart. Focused on leading his surf team to victory in the regional finals, Fin is determined to keep one rule intact: No Distractions.

Eliana Ward, a spirited Social Media Manager, finds herself navigating the wreckage of her professional life in the wake of malicious hometown gossip. Offered an unexpected lifeline managing the social media accounts of a small-town surf team, she relocates to Saltwater Springs, where she encounters the grumpiest man she’s ever met – Fin, who’s intent on making her new role anything but smooth sailing.

As Fin struggles to regain trust in himself on the board, Eliana faces her own challenges of winning over the closed-off surfer while battling the demons from her past. In this small-town surf romance, can they learn to heal together, or will Fin’s determination to avoid distractions keep them from the love they never saw coming?

Beyond The Break – Tanisha Headley

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