Best Friend’s Triplet Brothers by Molly Eden

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I never imagined I’d find myself under the protection of my best friend’s triplet brothers… but somehow, that’s become my reality.I’m no stranger to taking risks. But now I’m on the run from a powerful organization that wants me to keep quiet.My best friend convinces her brothers to help me, because they run a powerful security organization. Now I have three hot-as-hell bodyguards to help keep me safe.Carter is the rock I cling to in this storm of threats and uncertainty. I shouldn’t crave him the way I do. But the way he looks at me sets my soul—and every inch of my body—on fire.Asher’s a forbidden desire I can’t deny. With his quick wit and rebellious streak, he keeps me on my toes and reminds me that life is meant to be lived, even in the face of danger.Sebastian, with his brilliant mind and protective streak, is always one step ahead. His touch becomes my addiction.The stakes have never been higher. The deeper we dig into the organization’s corruption, the hotter things get between us, until I’m risking it all—my career, my heart, and my life!

Best Friend’s Triplet Brothers – Molly Eden ePUB

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