Behind Amber Eyes by Kristina Kelley

Behind Amber Eyes (The Elderhood #1) by Kristina Kelley – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Amelia Asghar has spent all 26 years of her life training to become just like her father—a top official for the Elderhood. Despite this, she’s never felt called to the role. In fact, she’s never felt called to Society life in general, with one exception: wielding magic. On the night she meets her True Partner, whom the Elders have arranged for her to marry, everything changes when she meets a mysterious stranger. No, not a stranger. A Dark Elder, beings the Elderhood has warned its citizens about for centuries. So, why does he know her name?

Follow Amelia as she works to uncover the truth about this Dark Elder, causing her to fall in love in the process. Amelia must decide between choosing happiness or forcing herself into her Society mold. Will she be able to give up the comforts of her home, family, and best friend to live a life with the Dark Elder, even if it means a great war will follow?

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  • Date February 24, 2024
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