Because You’re Mine by Rene Van Dalen

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Because You’re Mine (Iron Dogz MC Cape Town #1) by Rene Van Dalen

What do you do when you discover you’ve been used and betrayed?
You come out fighting.
Spider knew how to fight. With the support of his family and his club, he wasn’t going to give up until he got what he wanted.
Full custody of the son that had been stolen from him.
Was it a coincidence that the club was dealing with traitors in their midst and a dangerous and ruthless new enemy? With his custody fight heating up he didn’t have the time to deal with more.
And yet, Vanessa “Nessa” Monroe, his son’s new nanny proved him wrong.
He found he was able to deal with more than he ever thought possible with her by his side.
Even the unimaginable.

Did I regret my rash decision to take a job as a nanny in South Africa?
After meeting the rude asshole who was now my boss, you bet I did.
Spider Walker looked like a golden blonde Viking god, a rude and disrespectful one. Even when we were around his son he made a point of ignoring me. I was tempted to tell him to take his job and shove it. But I didn’t, because his little boy needed me.
I knew there were things going on with the club that was causing strain and short tempers.
So I kept to myself, avoiding most of the brothers. But I wasn’t as invisible as I thought.
A confrontation with three creepy old men changed everything. It gave me Spider in a way I hadn’t expected, a way that made him and his son mine.
Unfortunately the fates weren’t done with us.

Because You’re Mine – Rene Van Dalen

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