Because You Rejected Me by Blake R. Wolfe

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Because You Rejected Me (Shifter Grove Rogue Wolves #1) by Blake R. Wolfe

Homeless and nursing a broken heart, I rejected my mate the first time he spoke to me. A hunky alpha werewolf in a cowboy hat is my fantasy come to life. But is it too late to reel him back in?

I was kicked out of my pack and my home after I told the alpha’s son I loved him. He broke my heart and told everyone my secret. Now I’m a rogue wolf with nowhere to go. That is, until I hear rumors of a rogue wolf hotel in a small town up north. It’s a place where wolves like me can go to get back on their feet, and I need all the help I can get.
However, the moment I arrive, some douchebag in a cowboy hat calls me his mate. I lay into him, calling him every name under the sun and telling him he was the last person I’d ever be with. When he stalks away with his tail between his legs, I’m sure I’ve seen the last of him.

But then I end up being forced to work on his farm to earn my keep.

I’ve been in the small town of Shifter Grove since I was seventeen, and despite a rocky start, it’s been a peaceful life thus far. However, the day Matt rolls into town, that peace is shattered. The moment I see him, my heart begins to pound, and I blurt out “mate” before I can stop myself.

Because You Rejected Me – Blake R. Wolfe

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