Beautiful Savage by L.V. Lane

Beautiful Savage (Obsidian Lies #1) by L.V. Lane – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

They take me, snatching me from my ordinary life and the man I planned to marry and tossing me into chaos.
I am nothing to them, a pawn, a small piece in a bigger game.Savages?Not in the conventional sense, they give new meaning to the word.His kind of savage can be beautiful and deadly, can break me with hard truths, disarm me with a smile, and ignite me with a glance.He whispers promises of rapture even as he taunts me with what can never be.So it is that I find myself in the crosshairs of a war.An asset. One that both sides want.I don’t get to pick a side as with the prick of a needle, one is chosen for me.My assimilation has begun. I am changing, undergoing a metamorphosis… becoming more… becoming primal.As I stare into the obsidian eyes of a stranger, I realize that my fiancé, the man I packed up my life to move to the other side of the world with, lied to me.

Beautiful Savage – L.V. Lane ePUB

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