Beaten by Eveline Rose

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Beaten (Sheppard & Sons Investigations #2) by Eveline Rose

Sometimes, taking a risk is the only way to mend a broken heart.

Emily ~ When I moved back home after leaving my abusive boyfriend, I didn’t think I’d ever trust another man again. I scoffed when my over-protective big brother insisted on hiring his best friend’s security company. I didn’t want a bodyguard. And the last thing I needed was to fall for the gorgeous, by-the-books man being paid to protect me.

Jamie ~ I’d always thought being a cop meant I could protect the people I loved. But it didn’t, and after failing to save my wife I turned in my badge. Starting a personal protection and PI business not only helped me find my purpose again, it kept me too busy to feel. Then my best friend called–his sister was in trouble. I wasn’t ready to risk my heart again, but before long I couldn’t deny my feelings. Feelings that would challenge a lifelong friendship and test my ability to do my job.

When Emily comes home to find her worst nightmare standing in her kitchen, she regrets not taking the threat seriously. Will Jamie get there in time to save her? And will their love be strong enough to overcome their fears?

Beaten – Eveline Rose

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