Be My Sacrifice by A.L. Maruga

Be My Sacrifice (Brotherhood of the Sacrament #2) by A.L. Maruga – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Death called to me like a sweet , embracing me in its cold hands, and just when I was about to submit. To give into the darkness that welcomed me home, his voice called out to me, begging me not to leave him. , , .Betrayal almost took my life from me. Now, my purpose has once again changed from vengeance on those who once trapped me in a world not of my making, to destruction of all that was once holy., , . I am about to lay waste to your kingdom and take what is mine back by blade and blood. The Brotherhood will fall at my feet, and all three of them will be mine forever, or at least until I deem them unworthy to breathe.I am the Unholy Ghost, and I will have my .
is the second book in the series. It is a dark romance with over 45 TW and may not be suitable for all readers. Be My Sinner must be read first. The FMC has three love interests in this series. This book features gothic, dystopian, and religious themes.

Be My Sacrifice – A.L. Maruga ePUB

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