Barbarian Brothers by Kai Lesy

Barbarian Brothers (Brides of the Barbarians #1) by Kai Lesy – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

One Woman.
Two Possessive Warriors.
A Galaxy of Problems…

I’m no pushover.
A girl with a commonsense approach to life.
But there’s nothing common about what’s happening to me.

You’d think being abducted by aliens would be the end.
But that’s how I met the duo of my dreams.

Two warrior brothers. Flight for the good of their species.
Big, protective, and HOT.
They’re not just warriors fighting evil;
They’re also caring single dads to an adorable child.

In this world, it’s customary for two men to share a single mate.
And they’re both really, really into me…

But as we face the remnants of a civil war and looming danger I can’t help but ask?…
Can love transcend the cosmos?
Or is am I just way in over my head?

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