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Bad Enough (The Deadman’s Tribe #2) by Nicole Craig

Romance novelist Sylvan Jones is a ‘good’ girl.

She’s hearts, flowers, unicorns, sprinkles, glitter, and happily ever after endings. She couldn’t be bad if she tried.
Information-Specialist TB is a ‘bad’ boy.
He’s kidnappings, interrogations, disappearing bodies, executions, and who knows what else. He couldn’t be good if he wanted to.
Good plus Bad equals Trouble.

TB and the rest of the team are hired by a Silicon Valley tech mogul to find his daughter, the fifth girl who has gone missing after a night at a local club. Now it appears that Sylvan may be the abductor’s next target. It isn’t long before TB realizes she’s hiding something, so the interrogator is going to do what he does best: secure the information. But forcing them together has consequences, and soon Sylvan and TB must decide if their differences will be what makes it work out between them, or if the secrets they are keeping from each other are bad enough to tear them apart.

Bad Enough – Nicole Craig

Download Bad Enough by Nicole Craig [ePub]

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