Backcheck Heart by Kat Summers

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Backcheck Heart (Nashvellas & Novels) by Kat Summers

What happens when a grumpy hockey player meets the sunshiney party girl with a heart of gold? He falls hard and fast, obliterating her insecurities until she falls right along with him.

NHL star Radek ‘Ralphie’ Nokavik was content with his simple life. He had his teammates. He had his career. He had his peace. Then he meets a gorgeous blonde that he can’t get out of his mind. After running into her again as his flight attendant, he sets out on a mission to make her his.
Morgan Becker has always been unlucky in love. She’s gotten used to situationships who want her to tone down her personality and never take the time to learn who she really is outside her bubbly persona. When she meets a broody hockey star who wants nothing more than to let her light shine, she’s thrown for a loop. A guy like that has to be too good to be true. But what if he’s the one man who never thinks she’s “too much?”

Backcheck Heart – Kat Summers

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