Back Together Again by Gracie York

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Eleven years ago, Mason Dumpty stole my heart and made me fall for him. Then he left me bruised and broken.Now he’s the one who’s hurt and as trainer of the Boston Revs, it’s my job to help get the center fielder back in the game.While stretches and shoulder rubs are part of my job, it all feels different when it’s his bare skin beneath my fingers.Falling for him again is forbidden and if we’re caught I’ll be the one to pay the price but it may be worth it if my heart is finally put back together again.
Author Note: This nursery rhyme retelling is a second chance work place romcom between a baseball star and his trainer. Guarenteed HEA, with some found family, great Boston Revs Baseball team fun, and lots of laugh out loud moments.

Back Together Again – Gracie York ePUB

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