Aurelia by Minerva Spencer

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Aurelia (The Bellamy Sisters #4) by Minerva Spencer, S.M. LaViolette

Aurelia Bellamy is tired of being the responsible oldest daughter. It’s time to finally take charge of her own fate. So, when an opportunity to work for one of England’s most famous naturalists comes along, she jumps at the chance. Even though it means traveling to a remote island…and working for a notorious (and dangerously appealing) rake…
Lord Roland Crewe wants nothing to do with love or romance. He’s already proven he’s a terrible husband—twice!—and has no interest in doing it again. But for some reason, he struggles to remember that when he’s with Aurelia. He knows a scarred, hardened man like him has nothing to offer a beautiful young idealist like her. So, why can’t he stay away?
It’s not long before Aurelia and Roland realize how strong their attraction is…and how quickly that attraction is deepening into something infinitely more complicated. But when the time comes, will these polar opposites find their way to happily ever after, or utter ruin?

Aurelia – Minerva Spencer, S.M. LaViolette

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