Auctioned to the Mafia Boss by Maria Frost

Auctioned to the Mafia Boss (The Forced Marriage Mafia Bosses #3) by Maria Frost – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

My boss won a night with me at a scandalous V-card auction.

My ruthless silver fox mafia boss paid a fortune to claim my curves for himself.
Now the auction’s over, my father’s debts are paid, and my innocence is lost.
I used to dream of my gorgeous boss ravaging my body.
But in reality his hands are too strong.
His whispers too seductive.
And just when I think he might show mercy, he demands I marry him.
Otherwise, it won’t just be my father’s debts that disappear.
It’ll be me too.

Auctioned to the Mafia Boss is a spicy age gap instalove romance, where a jealous obsessive OTT boss wants an heir with the sweet innocent employee he can’t resist any longer…

Tropes: Forced marriage, instalove, age gap, V-card auction, curvy FMC, billionaire, possessive and obsessed mafia boss MMC

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