Arrows by K.L. Noone

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Arrows by K.L. Noone

Evander Roche doesn’t want to kill anyone. But he’s one of the Queen’s bowmen, and the kingdom’s been invaded. Now Van, and his loyal best friend Milo, and their fellow soldiers, are standing at the brink of war.
Fortunately, the greatest magician in the world has shown up to help. Lorre will either win a war or prevent it — after all, he always gets what he wants. And tonight he wants Van for company.
The magician’s beautiful and powerful. The invitation’s an honor. But Milo’s only concerned about Van getting hurt — and Van’s starting to realize just how much Milo cares.
On the edge of a battlefield, tempted by magic, Van will discover what he really wants … and the person he truly loves.

Arrows – K.L. Noone

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