…And A Wake-Up by Giulia Lagomarsino

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…And A Wake-Up (Owens Protective Services #19) by Giulia Lagomarsino

I should be on Island Time right now.
They say no man is an island.
Well, let me tell you something. I was born for island living.
I like to drink, smoke my cigars, and sleep under my favorite hat.
That’s my idea of a good time.
Island living isn’t for everyone, especially the guys at OPS.
You would think as former military that I would fit right in.
But unlike them, I don’t take great pleasure in rescuing the girl, taking out baddies, or saving the world.
That’s not what Island Time is about.
All I need is a woman in my bed and a drink in my hand.
I just didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I brought this particular woman home.

…And A Wake-Up – Giulia Lagomarsino

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