An Eye For Illusion by Lizzie Owen

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An Eye For Illusion (Dunn Security Group #2) by Lizzie Owen

I’m Colin Brooks, a private investigator for the elite Dunn Security Group.

Day to day my life is pretty simple. Once a client is assigned to me, I’m on my own to investigate and bring closure as I see fit; I make the rules.
Until the day Jade Foster’s case lands on my lap.
She’s demanding, overbearing, cocky and pretentious; everything I don’t need in a client.
So why does my heart speed up and my desire to protect her rage anytime I’m near her?
She’s set to marry a man she doesn’t trust and doesn’t want to tie her family and business to in holy matrimony. She needs my help to find a way out.
I thought I hated her…
But soon I find love and hate are a thinly veiled line and I’ll stop at nothing, risking my own skin to stop her fiancé and make her mine.

An Eye For Illusion – Lizzie Owen

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