Alpha’s Arranged Marriage by Lila Bosch

Alpha’s Arranged Marriage by Lila Bosch, Ariel Renner – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I never wanted an arranged marriage to a stubborn but scorching hot alpha. Fate has other plans.

Wolf shifter Xander saves me from becoming a cult’s living sacrifice.
The seers reveal we’re fated mates that can break the curse on his pack.
I can’t keep my eyes off his infuriatingly sculpted body,
Yet this brooding alpha makes me want to pull out my hair and tear off his clothes.
Torn between duty and his first love, the Alpha doesn’t want me as his Luna.
But we agree to an arranged marriage to save his kind from extinction.
His fiery touch unleashes a power I never imagined possible.
Though his wolf wants to ravage me, the human still resents me.
I don’t understand how we can save anyone if we don’t even like each other.
As the Moon Comet approaches, one of our own lurks in the shadows of betrayal.
The strength of our bond will either seal our fate or set us free.

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