All That Matters by Felice Stevens

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All That Matters by Felice Stevens

Nico Andretti knows one thing is true: Love is for fools.
Being a tour bus guide in Times Square isn’t his dream job and he yearns for more than living in his mother’s basement apartment, but life is tough in the big city.
At least the men on the bus are eye-candy galore, and they’re one and done. Why bother with seconds when you’ll only get hurt? And Nico knows hurt—he’s got a father he’s never met and an ex who broke his heart and shattered his self-esteem.
Then Dr. Ford St. Claire takes his tour, and Nico enjoys his own personal sightseeing of the gorgeous older man. In a twist of fate they meet again that evening and share drinks, confidences, and a night of flirting. Now Ford is gone for good. Home to Florida.
Until he shows up the next month.
And the next…
It’s just a fling.
But the more time they spend together, the more Nico realizes being broke doesn’t matter. Nor does the distance between them. What matters is how Ford makes him feel—loved, appreciated, and respected. And Nico is determined to give Ford the one thing his cheating ex couldn’t—a loving family.
When secrets and scandals threaten them both, their love is put to the test. Maybe they’ll crash and burn…but Nico doesn’t think so.
All that matters is finding their forever. And doing it together.

All That Matters – Felice Stevens

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