All That Glitters by Brooke Harper

All That Glitters (Cruel Empire #1) by Brooke Harper – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The spotlights are blinding.The dresses sparkle.The cameras roll, but nothing is real.Nothing, that is, but him.
I grew up in the Hollywood spotlight, the daughter of movie royalty. Since a young age, I was deemed a natural talent. A rising starlet. I had dreams and a path set ahead of me.Until a plane crash ruined everything.In my darkest hour, I had no choice but to rely on the one man who’s always been by my family’s side: Marcus Ortega—my parents’ closest friend turned agent and protector, and who is now, reluctantly, my new caretaker.With a dangerous past steeped in crime, he’s ruthless, cutthroat, and incredibly sexy, despite being almost twice my age.It’s well known that Marcus never wanted to watch over a “spoiled brat” like me, but I’m starting to think there’s another reason for his distance. A secret that could shatter us both.He’s in control of my money, my career, and my life until my trust fund says I can be free. It may be what I wanted once upon a time, but in a world where the things that glitter aren’t always gold, I’m desperate for something real.Real and destructive like him.

All That Glitters – Brooke Harper ePUB

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