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All In (Trophy Doms New York #1) by Kate Hawthorne

Christian is a prince on the run and Kale is a millionaire who hates the word no. Together, the two of them are about to go all in on a love neither saw coming.

My entire life is nothing but people telling me what to do, where to go, and what to say. I’ve made it my job to fight back against the rules of the crown, but everything changes when I lock lips with a stranger in a last ditch attempt to dodge my security detail. I’m an expert at giving people the slip, but getting away from Kale is the last thing I want. From the first kiss, I think I’ve finally found where I belong. But with my trip to New York coming to an end and my royal family breathing down my neck about duty and my responsibility, I know our time is limited.
I might be good at getting away for a night here and there, but one night with Kale will never be enough.

I may have humble beginnings on a farm in central California, but I’ve always wanted more. More chances at life, more money to live it, and more opportunities to choose from. Thanks for wealthy grandparents, I’ve been allowed all of those things, and I’m no longer in the habit of accepting when someone tells me no, whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom.But then Christian falls into my lap, and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted, except he’s telling me we won’t last. We can’t work. It’s out of our control.
I refuse to accept that from the man who has stolen my heart.
I’ve been handed a lot of things in my life, but Christian can’t be one of them. From the start, everything is against us, but that only keeps me more focused on how to make him mine. I’ve never been in love before, never wanted to share my life with another person, but something about this bratty, submissive little Prince makes me ready to throw my old life out the window and go all in so I can find out what it’s like to truly have someone to call my own.

All In – Kate Hawthorne

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