Aftershocks by Marie Harte

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Aftershocks (Storm Lords #4) by Marie Harte

Identical quadruplet princes from a magical world.

Falling in love with the women needed to save them, one element at a time.
The Earth Lord’s world will rock…
Light and Dark have always been enemies. I, Cadmus Storm, Earth Lord and royal prince, know this more than most. My losses have sent me to the mundane world of Seattle. To get back home, I have to find a bride.

I thought I’d found her in sweet Ellie Markham. Until I learned she wasn’t who she said she was. I tried to leave her behind, but when circumstances force me to seek her out again, I learn she’s not the enemy I assumed her to be. And I might have broken her heart.
Now I have to win her back, no matter what it takes. But there’s an insidious evil bent on ending everything Light—and Dark—I love. Ellie and I will have to stay rooted to each other, and to the truth—that love has no boundaries. Or we’ll be over before we’ve even begun.

Aftershocks – Marie Harte

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