Affliction by Eve Black

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Affliction (Unchained Hearts #1) by Eve Black

Cilla St. James never believed in fairy tales until she fell in love at first sight with a man who was everything she ever wanted. Awkward, barely scraping by as a waitress, and as plump as a Christmas ham, she never thought anyone would ever look at her twice. She didn’t think anyone could ever make her believe that she was worth loving.
But he did.

Johnny “Patriot” Smith spent 15 years serving his country, only to come home with a soul so tainted, not even the Devil could look upon it. Now, the VP of the Unchained MC, he’s dedicated his life to a new brotherhood. A man so tainted could never expect to experience the beauty of true innocence.
But then he saw her. And she changed everything.
She became his affliction…his redemption, his obsession. He just had to convince the skittish Cilla that what they had was real…and hope that the bite of poisonous deception doesn’t destroy the one thing he’d sell his soul to keep.

Affliction – Eve Black

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