Adrift by E. Davies

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Adrift (Sunrise Island Brothers #3) by E. Davies

“It’ll take a miracle to save my family’s legacy… and he just walked in.”

I moved to Sunrise Island to rescue my family’s abandoned orchard, but my biggest challenge is Kieran Walsh. One look at my leaky cabin and the feisty bartender tells me I live with him now.
Who am I to argue? Kieran’s my perfect opposite: flamboyant, chaotic, drop-dead gorgeous. And he’s always frickin’ smiling.
I’m falling hard. But will he be here to catch me?
“I finally found a reason to stay… and I’m going to break his heart.”

When I escaped home, I vowed never to put down roots again. With a little luck and a lot of charm, I can get almost anything I want… like Gage Russell.
My new neighbour has wild plans, a rugged body, and soulful green eyes. He makes pretty, scarred things bloom again. How can I resist?
But with my time on Sunrise Island running out, Gage is dangerously close to stealing my heart… the one thing I can never, ever leave behind.

Adrift – E. Davies

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